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[DOWNLOAD] Pentatonic & Blues Scale Superhighway Cheat Sheets

Plus...How To Master The Pentatonic & Blues Scale 3X Faster Across The Entire Fretboard!

  • How to learn the entire Pentatonic & Blues scales across the entire fretboard in every key
  • Discover hidden the bite size patterns that repeat throughout multiple "box" patterns
  • Triple your speed and memorization using the 3x Method Pentatonic & Blues scale superhighways
  • 25+ Cheat sheets Pentatonic/Blues Superhighway maps for free as well in every key! easy print and play!
3x Method Pentatonic and Blues scale superhighways
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Andrew McNaughton

The ability to navigate up and down the fretboard with the pentatonic & blues scales is essential to any guitar player. It is incredible that most lead guitarists get trapped in the box pattern when you can learn to get out of it in just minutes!

Andrew McNaughton
Creator of