Welcome to Backingtracktrainer.com!


Here at Backingtracktrainer.com we believe that one of the major components missing in todays musical instruction is the absence of playing with real music…and not just any music, but music methodically designed to give you thorough foundation and practical experience that playing alone will not give you!


In order to dramatically increase your ability, you need to:

  • Play over foundational music progressions in the style(s) of music you are interested in.
  • You also need to play over a various assortment of bands to get used to how the same songs and chord progressions sound slightly different with different players that may be added to your band.
  • And Finally, you must be able to play those songs in multiple keys.

This is what backingtracktrainer.com is here  for. To make this easy and enjoyable for you with high quality, well structured, and fun backing tracks!


Andrew McNaughton

Creator of backingtracktrainer.com